Sunday, November 2, 2014

The "War on Women"

Yup. It's in quotations on purpose.

Because it's hogwash.

The mainstream media would have you believe that establishment Republicans, far-right evangelicals, and so-called right wing extremists (i.e. Dr. Ben Carson) want to send every woman back to the kitchen where they belong. Allow them to speak only when spoken to and forbid them to do anything they don't dutifully run by their much wiser and more politically astute husbands. DUH. Ain't that how it works?

Oh wait. NO. This is 2014. Women are business owners, CEOs, Secretaries of State! We have progressed. WE EVEN BLOG. ;)

Wait...but I'm seeing tweets, hearing radio advertisements, reading new stories, and watching MSNBC. Apparently I was wrong. There is an "obvious" WAR ON WOMEN. Holy cow, how did I miss this?!? 

I must have been too busy getting a college degree, managing a business, and having a family. Ha! Silly me.

The recent #StandWithWomen Twitter/social media campaign aims to gain votes for Democrats based on a stance that is supposedly pro-woman. Depends on the woman, I guess. If you are all for funding infanticide and having hard earned tax dollars thrown at incompetent bureaucrats who fail to eliminate gender inequality, then by all means #StandWithWomen. 

The truth is that none of these people mean what they say. If they truly stood with women, they wouldn't only stand with those that are pro-choice. Or pro-union. Or pro-minimum wage increase. I have hashtagged StandWithWomen in at least a dozen tweets that were in contrast to the liberal agenda and I have either been bashed or completely ignored. Do I not count because I don't fall in line with their feminist motives?

You are not a real woman if you do not see the importance of the Wendy Davis types and their passion for liberal women's rights. 

I have been called a traitor to my gender. Misinformed. Ignorant. Brainwashed. Redneck.

Obviously my moral compass is governed not by MY ability to come to an independent, educated conclusion, but by the patriarchal society that has forced it's antiquated opinions on me. 

How insulting, degrading, and condescending.

I simply could NOT be a progressive, free thinking woman and still defend my stance against abortion. Or disagree that men are consistently rewarded while women are held captive in the workplace. ALL women deserve equal pay and ALL women are being deprived of "reproductive health services." Right?!?

Tolerance at its finest. I am a conservative, pro-life woman that does not give in to the race or gender baiting tactics, so therefore, I don't count. Let's get real. #StandWithWomen really means #StandWithDemocrats. 

On Tuesday, I will vote with my conscience, not with a stupid hashtag. 

But here's one for you before you go and I bet it is considered controversial:

Have a blessed Sunday!


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