Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Elephant Donkey in the Room

"I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public."
- Booker T. Washington
My Larger Education: Being Chapters from My Experience, 1911

Written over 100 years ago, Washington's quote could have been written today. Arguably, his words apply even more now. The most obvious example is Rev. Al Sharpton inserting his nose into any situation he feels he can benefit by exploiting the plight or death of any African American. What many often fail to recognize-- or at least refuse to acknowledge-- is that the biggest offender is not one person, but an entire political party. No, not those racist, old, white Republicans. The culprits are liberal, and supposedly compassionate, Democrats.

All over this country people are screaming for increased civil rights, minimizing the wage gap, and more educational funding for urban centers, in particular. The truth is that the communities in the greatest of despair have been under Democratic rule for decades. From New Orleans to Baltimore, Ferguson to Detroit, the urban decay is systemic. Why are the so-called progressive policies of the left not lifting the burden of generational poverty, educational disparity, and racial strife?


Without the dependency of minorities, undying union support, and uneducated youth, these Democratic politicians and bureaucrats don't stand a chance. They'd lose their funding. The intoxicating stream of federal and state cash would come to a sudden halt. They simply cannot let that happen. Exploitation of the underprivileged, impoverished class is the cash cow that affords them unimpeded power. As long as their foot rests squarely on the neck of those they convince to be indebted to them, they will prosper.

Power is the ultimate drug and can seduce virtually anyone. Power trips occur on both sides of the aisle. Politicians and leaders become drunk on their own importance. But when talking about the well-being and livelihoods of citizens, it is not only counterproductive to American society, but downright immoral. Sure, these Democrats support throwing more money at inefficient and ineffective programs. They contribute to charitable funds for the community. It's all very warm and fuzzy. But what good is really happening if nothing seems to change?

Long term, local Democratic rule is a shared element in areas riddled with government dependency, high spending yielding low results, and unmanageable levels of illegal activity. We must ask ourselves, are the poor being ignored by racist, predominantly white government and law enforcement? Or are they, perhaps, failed by decades of deficient policies? Woefully duped by elected officials that wish to ensure they vote Democrat while keeping them as destitute as ever?

Until we face these questions with open and honest discussion on what the REAL sickness is affecting these impoverished communities, we will continue to see their demoralization and inevitable demise.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting Matters. Go do it.

So I know it is a little last minute, but the elections today have voting on my mind. I might be a little all over the place in my haste to write this, so bear with me. Or don't, whatever.

These elections bring up all the conversations I have had with fellow Millennials about whether or not voting matters. Here's a hint: IT DOES.

Here in Texas, I always hear that because the state is predominantly Republican, it will always be that way and nothing will change that. Conservatives and liberals alike have dismal poll showings because of this line of thinking.

But what if voting did change it? Swing states weren't always swing states, ya know. Personally, I want to keep Texas red. However, low voter turnout from registered Republicans shows how even my like-minded peers are taking the political future of the Lone Star State for granted. Democrats are revving up to change the political climate of Texas. They could very well do so in the next few decades, IF they mobilize enough and Republicans are content in their false security of the majority.

Handfuls of votes have decided hundreds of elections, amendments, and legislation throughout the American history. Literally. (Correct use of the word--bonus points for me.)
**Enter obligatory historical anecdote:
Since we're talking about voting and I'm a girl, I mean, Harry T. Burn, State Representative in Tennessee, whose ONE deciding vote made Tennessee the 36th state to approve ratification of the 19th amendment. In other words, because of him, women as mouthy as me, were given an actual voice through suffrage. Did you hear that?

Anti-establishment feelings seem to be a particularly popular reason younger generations stay home from the polls. Gimme a break. Every time you refuse to exercise your vote, you are not bucking the system, sending a message to "the Man," or otherwise proving you are so totally too cool for school. You are just relinquishing your right to be heard and, in my opinion, dishonoring all those who have sacrificed their lives to ensure and protect your right to do so. Not to mention you are guaranteeing that others will make decisions without you ever giving any input and take money from your paycheck to enact them. C'mon, it takes less time to vote than it does to check labels for GMOs, gluten, and animal products on your weekly grocery run.

I could go on and on, but let's sum it up.

Don't like the old guy who has been in office for years and is out of touch with reality? VOTE.
Want a say in how much money is taken from your paycheck and what is done with it? VOTE.
Want to be able to legitimately complain about those establishment peeps in office? VOTE.
Passionate about certain issues and want to see your views represented? VOTE.
Want Kim Kardashian to disappear? VOTE. Ok, the government can't legally make that happen.
But if you really want your vote to matter there is only one sure way to do that. ACTUALLY VOTE.

In the 2012 Presidential election, roughly 40% of the population voted. That is about 127 million people out of 316 million. NOT EVEN HALF. But you didn't vote because it didn't matter, right? Wouldn't count anyway in your predominantly blue/red state, right?

Imagine the results if the other 60% had shown up! Imagine how much more accurately the views of the populace would be represented if a true majority participated in any given city, state, and national election.

The possibilities for our republic to work for us are endless, but voting is essential to making them reality.

For me it is simple: GO VOTE OR SHUT UP.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

The "War on Women"

Yup. It's in quotations on purpose.

Because it's hogwash.

The mainstream media would have you believe that establishment Republicans, far-right evangelicals, and so-called right wing extremists (i.e. Dr. Ben Carson) want to send every woman back to the kitchen where they belong. Allow them to speak only when spoken to and forbid them to do anything they don't dutifully run by their much wiser and more politically astute husbands. DUH. Ain't that how it works?

Oh wait. NO. This is 2014. Women are business owners, CEOs, Secretaries of State! We have progressed. WE EVEN BLOG. ;)

Wait...but I'm seeing tweets, hearing radio advertisements, reading new stories, and watching MSNBC. Apparently I was wrong. There is an "obvious" WAR ON WOMEN. Holy cow, how did I miss this?!? 

I must have been too busy getting a college degree, managing a business, and having a family. Ha! Silly me.

The recent #StandWithWomen Twitter/social media campaign aims to gain votes for Democrats based on a stance that is supposedly pro-woman. Depends on the woman, I guess. If you are all for funding infanticide and having hard earned tax dollars thrown at incompetent bureaucrats who fail to eliminate gender inequality, then by all means #StandWithWomen. 

The truth is that none of these people mean what they say. If they truly stood with women, they wouldn't only stand with those that are pro-choice. Or pro-union. Or pro-minimum wage increase. I have hashtagged StandWithWomen in at least a dozen tweets that were in contrast to the liberal agenda and I have either been bashed or completely ignored. Do I not count because I don't fall in line with their feminist motives?

You are not a real woman if you do not see the importance of the Wendy Davis types and their passion for liberal women's rights. 

I have been called a traitor to my gender. Misinformed. Ignorant. Brainwashed. Redneck.

Obviously my moral compass is governed not by MY ability to come to an independent, educated conclusion, but by the patriarchal society that has forced it's antiquated opinions on me. 

How insulting, degrading, and condescending.

I simply could NOT be a progressive, free thinking woman and still defend my stance against abortion. Or disagree that men are consistently rewarded while women are held captive in the workplace. ALL women deserve equal pay and ALL women are being deprived of "reproductive health services." Right?!?

Tolerance at its finest. I am a conservative, pro-life woman that does not give in to the race or gender baiting tactics, so therefore, I don't count. Let's get real. #StandWithWomen really means #StandWithDemocrats. 

On Tuesday, I will vote with my conscience, not with a stupid hashtag. 

But here's one for you before you go and I bet it is considered controversial:

Have a blessed Sunday!


In Defense of Conservatism

And here goes my blog experiment.

I'm a Millennial who supports our country's founding principles. I believe in a free market, personal responsibility, and the Constitution, among other things.

My main passion is to influence other Millennials to think outside of their liberal educations and indoctrinations. 



I believe our future does not have to be bankrupt, depraved, or otherwise corrupt. However, if we continue down the current path, that is exactly what we are headed for. 

Be a part of the the REAL change for America.

Twitter: @jholmsted